Problem retargeting animation from iClone and integrating Audio2Face

I’ve been struggling with this for a while. I have a simple custom character. I animated it in iClone with a downloaded animation, and also created blendshapes in audio2face. I’m trying to combine the two in Machinima so that the character both moves and talks but it’s just not working.

In the screenshot, the far left character has the animation from iClone, the far right is the USD cache from the transfer character in A2F with the blendshapes and facial animation. The middle one the iClone mesh that I brought into A2F. So it technically has the skeleton of the left mesh and the blendshapes of the right. I can transfer the facial animation from right to middle mesh, but it goes all wonky.

I’ve setup animation retargeting on both skeletons (the one on the left and the middle). The skeletons and tags are identical in the Animation Retargeting tab. I try the retargeting workflow and technically the movement and the blendshapes come together but the mesh gets all messed up! Attached is a screenshot of the animation retargeting preview.