Problem running Graphics Debugger with DX10 and 11

Hello, recently I replaced my current notebook to one with a GTX 660M + Intel HD 4000 (Optimus) and installed Visual Studio 2010 + NSight 2.2. Unfortunately I am unable to run Graphics Debugging on any program that uses DX10 or 11, curiously DX9 worked. I tested most of the DirectX June 2010 SDK examples without success. The issue apparently does not involves CUDA because I was able to profile a cuBLAS program I have.

My setup is:

-Visual Studio 2010
-Driver Version 306.97
-Windows 8 x64


Sorry, missed the section, it was supposed to be in the nsight section.

Ok, so, apparently is a problem with Optimus (again), when I ran DX9 examples it says “Not all NSight features are supported on non-NVIDIA GPUs”.

The problem is… it IS running on the NVidia GPU, the driver is set to run both, the Monitor and the application, on the discrete GPU, the application even shows GeForce GTX660M as the device…

So, any workaround?