Problem running SDK manager 1.1 on Virtual machine on a mac laptop


I am trying to use the SDK manager to install jetpack into TX2 through a virtual machine running Linux on a mac laptop. I can successfully run the SDK manager 0.9.12 but I cant seem to run the latest version of the SDK manager on the virtual machine. This limits the jetpack version I can flash into the TX2. Because for anything above jetpack 4.2 i need the latest version of the sdk manager which I cant seem to run on the virtual machine. Help!


what is the error that
you are getting when running the latest sdkmanager?
you may try blank ubuntu VM.
what hypervisor do you use? what is the virtual environment?
However, flashing of devices from VM’s is not officially supported, but still works often but with dramatically more efforts, e.g. with virtualbox you might be able to get it from under Mac

you may also like to consider the solution based on docker proposed here Successfully flashed AGX Xavier from a Virtual Machine