Problem saving objects in Isaac SIM and USD composer

Graphics Card: RTX 3060
Processor: i3 12100F
Isaac Sim: 2022.2.0 (I tried it on all newly updated versions)
USD Composer : 2023.2.3

When I make a change to an object in Isaac SIM (or USD Composer), I right-click on this file and select the “save selected” option, my expectation is that it will save this file with the changes I made.

But there is a problem here. None of the changes I make have any effect.

Create a cube, enlarge it and save it. When you drag or click to open the file you saved again, you will see that it opens in its original state. What exactly is the problem here?

It’s getting really annoying. Please can you help?

@mertaydogan06 as another user, i can confirm that’s the case when using save selected on geom prims. that said, i’ve had more success when putting the selected prims under a Xform prim. whether you do it manually or use the grouping function to do it for you, the changes should stick. see below for a quick clip of that process:


but i am sure there are other ways of going about it, so i’ll let others chime in.

Thank you very much for this. This will work for me now. But as you say, there must be another way. because I clearly remember being able to do this before.

Thank you very much again for your help.

and just to clarify, i was using Isaac Sim 2023.1.1 in the clip.

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