Problem using camera on jetson nano v2

I’m using actually the last Jetson Nano v2 (4GO) and i have a problem with using 2 different camera (im x219 & imx 135)
Both camera are correctly reconize on my Jetson.
When i list the /dev/video* i found the video0 but when i try to use it with Opencv function the result is a green image
I try to use vlc but nothing run correctly . Vlc trace show that the device is not a correct input device
For the Jetson nano, i use the standard Nvidia image to build my sdcard and sdk manager to update my Jetson Nano
Do you have an idea about my problem ? Is it a driver problem on the Jetson ?
I found that’s the V4l2 is in version V5 but when i have a look on different forum live Arducam when always talk about V4.x but never with version V5
Thanks for your hele

Check this for the camera framework for Nano. If it’s bayer sensor doesn’t have image for vlc v4l2 is normally. Have a try nvgstcapture-1.0 to confirm the sensor driver first.