Problem when connecting a TV instead of a monitordr

Hello. I ran into a problem when connecting my computer to the TV Sony X900H. Artifacts appear on the TV. I tried to solve this problem by reinstalling windows and as it turned out the problem was in the version of the drivers. Driver version 512.77 and earlier worked correctly. Newer drivers were causing artifacts to appear on the TV. Could you please fix this issue in a future driver release, as I have been reading the forums and people sometimes encounter similar problems when connecting a computer to a TV.
Tested on windows 10 and 11 with RTX 3070
PS: When I use monitor to display the image, everything is fine.

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Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. I am moving this out of the Networking category to “Drivers” sub-category.

I am having the exact same problem with my Sony X90J. Now I am not able to play any new games cause it requires a new version of Nvidia which I can’t use cause it causes this issue

Still the same Problem on the X80k and the X90k, exactly as in the picture running a 3080, works fine on the monitor, not on the TV… Shame Nvidia isn’t doing anything about this…

Same issue with Sony 43x75k

Having the exact same issue on a Sony X900H. Nvidia, please fix this.

Hello everyone and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

TV sets and how they advertise their capabilities in EDID and how they implement HDMI are quite often not as standardized as you would hope. That can cause incompatibilities for specific driver and TV firmware combinations. This can even be seen between different devices of the same model.

Signal strength can also be a problem as can HDMI switches or AV devices.

So the suggestion is to:

  • Check the TV and update it to the latest firmware
  • Check the HDMI cables, try short ones and direct connections without HDMI switches or similar

Our QA is constantly checking our GPUs and drivers against a huge amount of possible EDIDs and actual physical TVs. Still it is impossible to test with every single one that you can buy.

But if we do encounter this issue in our testing rest assured that it will get addressed and included in a future driver release.