Problem when i try to "Get Started"

Hello! i have a problem when i try to start a new project with a pre-charged Model, when i click on get started and start a new project the program freeze and give me that warning error at 2890 line and stop working forever, any ideas?

thank you

@ilGatto isbit possible for you to attach the latest A2F log in its entirety? from the look of it, it could be related to display driver version or hardware setup; it’s hard to tell without a bit more context from the log.

Sure! is this ok?

kit_20231204_143857.log (164.3 KB)

there doesn’t seem to be a specific error that i could tell as another user. what’s your hardware and driver setup?

I have a RTX 4080, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB RAM and the last 546.29 driver

when you click on Get Started, do you see a loading bar at the bottom right of the app at all? also, any issues opening any of the examples?

Nope, just the windows who ask “do you wanna create a new project” i click yes and then the screeshot i posted

having yellow/warning messages don’t necessary mean it correlates to what you are experiencing or inherently problematic. a lot of the warnings will be there by default; i have the same messages but do not have problems starting a new project, so something else is off:

do you mind trying a different AI model like Claire to see if anything changes on your end?

another thing to test is to install the previous version and see if the issue persists.

Claire gave me the same problem, i tried 2.0,1.1 and 1.0

looking into the logs again, are you trying to launch it headless? there are a few critical extension paths missing, so wondering if it’s related:

2023-12-04 22:38:57 [5ms] [Info] [omni.ext.plugin] Extension path: 'C:/buildAgent/work/24e604a7524c5fde/source/extscache' doesn't exist.
2023-12-04 22:38:57 [5ms] [Info] [omni.ext.plugin] Extension path: 'C:/buildAgent/work/24e604a7524c5fde/source/exts' doesn't exist.
2023-12-04 22:38:57 [6ms] [Info] [omni.ext.plugin] Extension path: 'C:/Users/tyr/Documents/Kit/apps/Audio2Face/exts' doesn't exist.

i tried 2022 version and loading bar reach 50% and then stop working, what do you mean headless?

@ilGatto The log you sent doesn’t seem the correct one. Can you try again, this time looking into this folder and sending the latest one (There might be a lot of these, find the latest one after sorting by date) C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face

My guess is you have 2 GPUs, one of which is not RTX, it’s worth disabling the non-RTX one and try again.

Sorry! here is the correct one
kit_20231207_171815.log (695.1 KB)

it seems like there’s only one GPU in play, so that rules that variable out for now.

one thing that stood out to me in this latest log is you have and/or are using OneDrive; i’ve seen others users having issues where OneDrive syncs/alters the path of some of the files used by OV (this seems to be the case across the OV platform, and not limited to just A2F). in this case, four folders are affected:

omni_documents: C:/Users/Gatto/OneDrive/Documenti
shared_documents: C:/Users/Gatto/OneDrive/Documenti/Kit/shared
app_documents: C:/Users/Gatto/OneDrive/Documenti/Kit/apps/Audio2Face
documents: C:/Users/Gatto/OneDrive/Documenti/Kit/apps/Audio2Face

however, it generally only affects installation and i am not 100% sure if any of these are being used when pressing the Get Started button; so before i make a direct correlation, i’ll let @Ehsan.HM take another closer look before making additional suggestion.

what happens when you select the ‘mark’ asset from your Stage panel (by LMB clicking on the object), do you see any orange outlines in the viewport at all?

It’s definitly worth trying what @Simplychenable suggested. But in the meantime, it seems the logs have stopped before the Player node is created. So just to test, can you manually create a Player node and see if you can get it to play any audio?

I tried to create a player node but the program stop working in the same way

I restarted OneDrive and tried again, nothing change
kit_20231208_130711.log (705.7 KB)

the latest log seems to suggest OneDrive is still being used. i’ve already removed OneDrive myself, but if i recall, once you have OneDrive settings open, there should be an option to configure folders:

see if by unchecking the Documenti folder and unlinking OneDrive from your account affects anything (assuming you are okay with that proposition).

let’s talk about your hardware for a minute, if you don’t mind. was there any recent GPU upgrade or anything similar? also, have you tried a display driver rollback to a few versions earlier to see anything changes?

Ok i Unistalled Onedrive but i still have the problem, i changed my RTX 3080 with the new 4080 some months ago, maybe old driver stay stuck somewhere?