Problem when trying to burn ODM Reserved fuses

Hello, sorry if i keep on posting with new issues every now and then.
Hope you can help me with this one:

I have a jetson nano module emmc with PKC and production fuses burned.

For application specific needs, i’d like to burn some ODM_reserved fuses, but for some reasons i’m getting the following error

sudo ./ -k keys/rsa_testkey.key -i 0x21 -c PKC -o 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

*** Generating fuse configuration ... done.
*** Start fusing  ... 
./ --chip 0x21 --applet nvtboot_recovery.bin --cmd "blowfuses odmfuse_pkc.xml;"
Welcome to Tegra Flash
version 1.0.0
Type ? or help for help and q or quit to exit
Use ! to execute system commands
[   0.0018 ] Parsing fuse info as per xml file
[   0.0044 ] tegraparser --fuse_info odmfuse_pkc.xml blow_fuse_data.bin
[   0.0052 ] 
[   0.0052 ] Generating RCM messages
[   0.0075 ] tegrarcm --listrcm rcm_list.xml --chip 0x21 0 --download rcm nvtboot_recovery.bin 0 0
[   0.0081 ] RCM 0 is saved as rcm_0.rcm
[   0.0085 ] RCM 1 is saved as rcm_1.rcm
[   0.0085 ] List of rcm files are saved in rcm_list.xml
[   0.0085 ] 
[   0.0085 ] Signing RCM messages
[   0.0104 ] tegrasign --key None --list rcm_list.xml --pubkeyhash pub_key.key
[   0.0110 ] Assuming zero filled SBK key
[   0.0144 ] 
[   0.0144 ] Copying signature to RCM mesages
[   0.0164 ] tegrarcm --chip 0x21 0 --updatesig rcm_list_signed.xml
[   0.0177 ] 
[   0.0177 ] Boot Rom communication
[   0.0194 ] tegrarcm --chip 0x21 0 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml
[   0.0199 ] BR_CID: 0x<REDACTED>
[   1.1108 ] RCM version 0X13
[   1.2163 ] Boot Rom communication failed
[   1.2184 ] 
Error: Return value 3
Command tegrarcm --chip 0x21 0 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml

am i doing anything wrong?

the fuses as of now are configured as follows

 # cat reserved_odm*

thanks in advance for your kind support

did you enable odm lock? you cannot burn the target even by adding keys to non-fuse fields.
the recommended way is to burn all fuses together instead of burning fuses step-by-step.

Hello, thanks for your kind reply.

No, i haven’t burned the ODM lock fuse.

I don’t understand what you mean by

“you cannot burn the target even by adding keys to non-fuse fields.”

According to the documentation odm reserved should be writable even if the board has already been set to “production mode” but ODM lock hasn’t been written yet

/sys/devices/7000f800.efuse/7000f800.efuse:efuse-burn # cat odm_lock

hello francescoacchiappati,

when you begin production and burn the ODM production fuse, secure boot is enabled, JTAG debug is disabled, and all the fuses become inaccessible except Reserved_ODM.
however, Reserved_ODM fuse are programmable until it disabled by the ODM_lock fuse.

may I also know which Jetpack release you’re working with.

sure thing :)

JetPack_4.6.4 for Jetson nano targets
Linux 4 Tegra R32.7.4

According to what you just said, which is also written in the documentation, i was expecting to be able to burn ODM_reserved fuses with script even after the board was in production mode

hello francescoacchiappati,

please see-also Jetson Nano Fuse Specification Application Note for [ODM Field Programmable Fuses] section.
according to script usage, it should be -o <8-0xXXXXXXXX> to configure odm_reserved for setting 256bit Big Endian value.

I’ve noticed the help command line but i couldn’t interpret it properly, can you please provide an example on how to burn odm_reserved fuses on a board that has PKC already fused and ODM_production set?

thank you.

I think i have figured out the problem, which is related to the script or to the way the script invokes the child scripts like

Basically what happens is that doesn’t accept a parameter for loading a private key for signing rcm messages for a board that has already been set into production mode.

here is what happens when you try to burn the fuses with (from my first post)

[   0.0085 ] Signing RCM messages
[   0.0104 ] tegrasign --key None --list rcm_list.xml --pubkeyhash pub_key.key

please note that the tegrasign is invoked with --key None

This causes the communication with the board to fail when sending RCM commands, which should be signed with my private key instead.

Here is a test blowing fuses by invoking directly

$ sudo ./ --key ../keys/private_key.key --chip 0x21 --applet nvtboot_recovery.bin --cmd "blowfuses odmfuse_pkc.xml"

[   0.0089 ] tegrasign --key /home/rampage/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.6.4_Linux_JETSON_NANO_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra/keys/private_key.key --list rcm_list.xml --pubkeyhash pub_key.key

please note that now the tegrasign command is invoked by passing the rsa2048 key file in PEM format, and it signes the rcm_list.xml file

and as a result:

[   0.0095 ] PKC key in Open SSL format
[   0.0096 ] Key size is 256 bytes
[   0.0096 ] Saving public key  in pub_key.key
[   0.0728 ] Saving public key Hash as binary: pub_key.hash
[   0.0728 ] Saving public key Hash as big-endian text: pub_key.hash_txt
[   0.0728 ] Saving public key Hash as little-endian(sysfs) text: pub_key.hash_sysfs_txt
[   0.0729 ]
[   0.0729 ] Copying signature to RCM mesages
[   0.0737 ] tegrarcm --chip 0x21 0 --updatesig rcm_list_signed.xml --pubkeyhash pub_key.key
[   0.0748 ]
[   0.0749 ] Boot Rom communication
[   0.0768 ] tegrarcm --chip 0x21 0 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml
[   0.0773 ] BR_CID: 0x<REDACTED>
[   0.4243 ] RCM version 0X210001
[   0.5330 ] Boot Rom communication completed
[   1.5629 ]
[   1.5629 ] Blowing fuses
[   1.5707 ] tegrarcm --oem blowfuses blow_fuse_data.bin
[   1.5714 ] Applet version 00.01.0000
[   1.8360 ] Successfully burnt fuses as per fuse info blob

I’m not very good at bash scripting and therefore i don’t think i’ll be good enough for a pull request proposal for fixing the to take in account this specific scenario.

Maybe someone better then me can apply a fix to it?

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