Problem while activating 'On Screen Keyboard'!

In my normal PC(ubuntu 16.04), I can enable on screen keyboard.

But in Jetson Nano, On screen keyboard is not appearing.
I don’t know, is it just me or anyone else also.

BTW: I need this because of touch screen display.

Hi jai.prakash,

I can turn on “On Screen Keyboard” on Jetson-Nano with JetPack-4.3 (r32.3.1).
What JetPack are you using?

I am using NVIDIA Jetson NANO - Jetpack 4.3 [L4T 32.3.1].

Ultimately, I ended up installing ‘onboard’ from software center. Which I think is a utility for 16.04.
After this, my onboard keyboard looks like this.(Same as in ubuntu16.04)

Do you suggest me something else?
Could you share screenshot of default 18.04 keyboard!

Hi jai.prakash,

Sorry, I can reproduce your issue on Jetson-Nano.
We will investigate this issue and update to you.

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Please use “sudo apt install onboard” to bypass this issue at this moment.


Yes yes, I installed onboard to bypass this issue.