Problem while reflashing nvidia jetson nano with auvidea carrier board

I just want to put here some solutions to some problems I encountered !
When looking for the solution I did not find any here. This is why I wanted to provide it. Note that I am using the jetson nano in headless mode and it is seated on an auvidea carrier board.

First problem is when I wanted to reflash the jetson nano card. First, it had to be in recovery mode in order for it to be reflashed. For that, I had to use a cable that had two stripped ends and jump two points on the carrier board. When the two ends of the cable are not making good contact, this means that the jetson nano is not in recovery mode and the flashing process displays ERROR 8.

Second problem is software related. I don’t remember exactly what was the full message, but it had something to do with system cache. In order to solve that, I rebooted the laptop that I was using to flash the card and also changed the cable that was connecting the jetson nano to the laptop. After that, it worked just fine ! And that was the solution to ERROR 1.

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Suggest to contact with Auvidea to get the support if it’s still an issue to flash SW image.

Additional note: The layout of the third party carrier board requires a different device tree to tell the Jetson which pins should have which function (many pins have multiple possible functions and are assigned via device tree). Only Auvidea knows what that layout is, so you have to use their software.

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