Problem with 319.12 drivers

This is poping up in syslog almost every minute. Is it something I should be worried about? Can this harm my hardware?

Ubuntu 13.04
Kernel 3.9-rc6
Nvidia GT640

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (96.7 KB)

I have had the same problem using kernel 3.8.2-gentoo and so reverted to Driver version 313.30

edited to add:

Card is a GTX 560 Ti and i’m on a x86_64 Intel Core i7 CPU 970 platform

Same on debian sid with kernel 3.8.6 or 3.9-rc6 and GeForce 650 Ti.

I’m seeing this on Fedora based x86_64 system with a generic 3.7.6 kernel. The card is a GTX 660ti and a AMD X6 1055T CPU on a M5A99X EVO board.

The problem has been identified and should be fixed in a future release.