Problem with ASUS G501JW, 346.59 and external monitor on Ubuntu 15.04


I have a ASUS G501JW laptop which sports the 960M.
I installed Ubuntu 15.04 and under Additional Drivers chose Nvidia binaries (346.59).

This all worked very well, until I plug in an external monitor via miniDisplayPort.

When I log in with this configuration, both screens start switching between being black and show some text (very briefly, no time to read it, but I can see some text with a green [OK] it keeps switching like this over and over again.

If I disconnect the displayport cable the laptop screen works fine and I can swtich to Intel mode in NVidia settings and plug my monitor back in and it works.

Any help would be appreciated, maybe there’s a log file or something I can check to see what’s happening when I it keeps switching?


I tried with the latest Nvidia drivers to date (352.21) with same behavior.

Is your monitor 4k?

Same problem here with Ubuntu 15.10 and ASUS N551JW (960m + HD4600)