Problem with C++ compile: iterator_category not found

Got the following error while compiling using pgCC version 7.0-5 on Suse linux:

“/opt/pgi/linux86-64/7.0-5/include/CC/stl/_iterator_base.h”, line 95: error:
class “triple::myvec” has no member “iterator_category”
typedef typename _Iterator::iterator_category iterator_category;
detected during instantiation of class
“std::iterator_traits<_Iterator> [with
_Iterator=triple::myvec]” at line 128 of

Code compiles and runs using xlC on our AIX systems and g++ on the Suse system. I’ve tried several of the compiler flags but no luck. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Please send a small example that reproduces the error to, and have them
forward it to Deborah Caruso. The g++ and pgCC STL implementations of iterator_traits
are slightly different, and a compiler flag is unlikely to solve the problem.

I’ll try. The code is not one I can share ( that would be too easy).

I should be able to cobble something together in a day or two.
Thanks for reply.