Problem with CUDA 3.0 and cudaMemcpy


Today I recompiled my cuda 2.3 project with the new cuda 3.0 release and I got the following problem:

On the second call to the function cudaMemcpy, CUDA_SAFE_CALL returns the following error message: “Cuda error in file ‘xxxx’ in line 291: invalid argument”

This is the line 291:

cuhmod and hmod are float pointers, and nfiedls is an integer.

The code is the same that when I compiled with version 2.3 … the only thing I changed was the driver and the version of the CUDA Toolkit and SDK to 3.0

Does anyone else have the same problem? Is this a bug or was the call changed compared to cuda 2.3?



it’s probably i driver version problem !!
197 ??

The driver version is 195.36.15. I think it’s the latest there is to download …

My operating system Linux RHEL 5.3 64bits

I guess it has to do with the driver version as CUDA 3.0 documentation mentions cudaMemcpy in its examples.

I am also facing the same problem. I downloaded and installed CUDA 3.0 from CUDA 2.3 and also changed my driver from 195 to 197.16. My Machine is Win7 64bit .

Question: How to revert back to previous version driver? Or is there a better solution? Please help.