Problem with "CUDA 4.0 Runtime" Template

Hi, sorry for my bad English T_T. On my workplace I have start study CUDA.
I had install next software:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit;
  • Developer driver for Win7 64-bit(270.81)
  • CUDA Toolkit 4.0.17 (64-bit)
  • Parallel NSight Win64 2.0.11166
  • CUDA 4.0 Customization Fix
  • Visual Assist X 10.6 (build 1850)

Then I try to create project from template CUDA 4.0 Runtime.
In solution explorer I saw some folders and file “”.
I has delete this file and add new file (CUDA C\C++ FILE)
I wrote code from sample.
And get this errors.
error LNK2005
error LNK1169

Problem solved. I don’t know why, but project created in default location “My documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects” working without errors.