Problem with cuda.rules

I am a new user to CUDA and have been having a few problems with getting some code to run on my computer. I am using MSVC2008 and have installed the CUDA developer driver, CUDA Toolkit3.2, as well as the SDK examples. However, when I try to open a project that I have been able to open on systems with similar set ups, I get the following error:

The following error has occurred during XML parsing:

File: C:\Users\Ben\Documents\DEM_Midterm_Project\DEM_project.vcproj
Line: 19
Column: 4
Error Message:
Custom build rules file ‘c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\VCProjectDefaults\cuda.rules’ was not found or failed to load.
The file ‘C:\Users\Ben\Documents\DEM_Midterm_Project\DEM_project.vcproj’ has failed to load.

I have looked in that directory to make sure that all the files from the toolkit were installed properly, and they were. However, I did notice the cuda.rules file was missing. Is there anywhere I can download this and add it to the library?


It’s a bit strange that it’s missing, though. Did you try to search the hard drive for that file? Maybe it is present, but in some other directory.

Maybe it’s in the directory. The .rules files provided in the toolkit have longer names than “cuda.rules”
The file provided by hamster143 should fix any problem

wilsonbt is attempting to run without an NVIDIA card. From the below link there’s an option to run code in emulation mode, but it requires the cuda.rules file
Look at step 1,

I’m attempting the same, and cannot find the cuda.rules file, having searched the entire C drive where NVIDIA 4.1 toolbox and STK have been installed. I’m looking for the NVIDIA card, but still want to develop.

Can you post another zip file containing cuda.rules?