problem with debugging kernel with VS2008 -- error 'missing source code'


I just installed fresh CUDA 2.1 and VS 2008 (C++ express edition). I used the CUDA VS wizard to set up. I also copied cutil32d.dll from SDK root to c:\cuda\bin so that VS can actually build the file (or else, it would not compile and give a missing dll error)

Everything seems to be fine at the moment except that when I set a break point within a kernel and run in Emudebug mode, the program stops successfully at the break point. However, it cannot progress more than 1 step from that position and it gives me an error

“There is no source code available for the current location.”

when I try to progress. I have no idea how to go around this issue. Please do share any thoughts helpful solving this problem.


Edit: Instead of copying the dll files, I added relevant directory to the PATH environment variable. Compiling works fine as expected, but the debugger still does not work, not surprisingly.
Also, I realized that the problem is not just for emudebug. It occurs for the regular debugger as well. So, basically I cannot step through the functions at all.

Problem is resolved.

So, the problem mentioned is due to limitations of Visual Studio Express edition concerning (to my knowledge) source library.

Installing VS2008 pro solved all the problems.