Problem with DMA on multicore


I am writing an application on the bluefield and i have to use DOCA DMA to communicate with the host. The app runs correctly on 1 to 5 cores but when i keep increasing the number of core it sometimes crashed at the beginning. When using this with dpdk, multiple cores crash directly even if the code is the same except i add the usage of the function rte_eth_rx_burst. All mmap, ctx and every variable are local to each core, the buffer to exchange data with host are also separate (ie : the host has 7 malloced buffer and export each one to a different core).

here is the crash error i got on DOCA :

[08:27:46:005729][DOCA][ERR][DOCA_DMA:1442]: CQ received for failed job: status=2, vendor_error=104
[08:27:46:005834][DOCA][ERR][MAIN:169]: Failed to retrieve DMA job: Input/Output Operation Failed

The job is either a write or a read on the mmaped memory, it may occur in both case.

does someone know what’s happening and/or how to correct it ?

Thank you