Problem with example in DLI course on Jetson Nano

Hi guys,

probably my question have a simple solution, but honestly I cannot solve by myself: I’m following “Getting Started with DeepStream for Video Analytics on Jetson Nano” course and I can run the first example from the Jupiter notebook (deepstream-test1-rtsp-out), I can see the std output detecting vehicles and people, but I cannot connect VLC from any platform: I tried VLC from the same Jetson Nano, from a Mac and from Windows. Always I get a message in VLC like this:

“Your input can’t be opened
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘rstp://’. Check the log for details.” (this is from VLC in OS X)

Sadly, there is no log for checking details, and the error message is the same if I don’t run the example (or if I write a bad url). The only thing I noticed is the port opened when the example is running (and closed when not)

Do you have any idea where I can check for knowing what is the problem? I’m using the SD image file from the course, with DeepStream 4.0.2 (in a Jetson Nano).

Thank you!

You are typing ‘rstp’ instead of ‘rtsp’ xd. That might be the reason

Thanks for @ekimku!

Did you get it fixed with hints from @ekimku ?


Hi! Thanks for your answer. Honestly, I don’t think so because I tried a lot of times (mostly copying the URL), but if this is the problem, I’m going to be very ashamed XD. Anyway, I’ll double check and I’ll tell you tomorrow: I had some space problems in my lab and have to assembly my devkit again

I’ll be back! :)

Ok, tested and that’s not the problem. I tried with rstp and rtsp. With ‘rstp’ (incorrect) the error message appears immediately, meanwhile with ‘rtsp’ (correct) VLC waits ~5-10 seconds before showing error message.

Any other idea what should I check?

You may try to use gstreamer instead of VLC player.
This gstreamer pipeline should work for displaying incoming rtsp stream:
gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=rtsp://your-ip:8554/ds-test latency=100 ! queue ! rtph264depay ! h264parse ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! videoscale ! video/x-raw,width=1280,height=720 ! autovideosink


yes! That worked! So, it’s a problem with VLC I think, but with this I can continue working. Thank you very much @ekimku

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Hi @leo.moreno god morning,
I am stating the training and I decided to check the examples on it and I had the same problem. … I will try to do.

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Excellent! if I can help you with anything, just let me know Rodolfo. I imagine you speak spanish, cierto? :)

Hola Leo … si :) He logrado correr los ejemplos, busqué los que están con Python. Ahora quiero correr el “deepstream-test2” , aunque está en C, porque me interesa ver solamente cómo realiza el conteo los objetos con el tracker.

can you check if permission is given to VLC in Mac OS under Security&Privacy? You should be able to view the error messages in VLC under Windows->Messages but the messages will disappear when the window is closed.

Finally, wait new seconds after running the python code. The VLC window should appear as it did for my case. Cheers.

How do I execute the Gstreamer in Mac after install?