problem with gcc5.5 on DriveOS 5.0.10

Hello Sir,

We upgrade DriveOS to 5.0.10,Driveworks-1.2,so need re-install ROS,Autoware,OpenCV on PX2.
Then got “c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)” error message when make OpenCV
and catkin_make ROS.
we tried set Swap up to 10G , But still make failed!

Any one have idea to solve it?

Dear yurui,

Could you please refer to “Linux Release Notes” on GCC Version
The DRIVE 5.0 Linux PDK uses GCC version 4.9.2 to compile all DRIVE PX 2 platform
components (i.e., kernels and drivers). This version is used to enable a uniform compilation
environment for all DRIVE 5.0 Linux platforms and root file systems.


I Recompile opencv with gcc version 4.9.2 on PX2,
the error message dose not appear.But the memory still full,when gcc is working.