Problem with gstreamer-1.0 and jpeg files

I notice that the following command crashes on my R19.3 based Tegra Jetson board:

$ gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=file:///usr/share/help/ug/ubuntu-help/figures/ubuntu-mascot-creature.jpg ! fakesink

I noticed this because I was writing a custom (gstreamer) application that crashed when I fed it a jpeg file on the Tegra. After an afternoon of debugging, it finally dawned on me that the problem might not be with my application after all, but with the library included with R19.3.

Sure enough, when I eliminated my application from the equation (as shown in the command above) I found that gstreamer/libnvgstjpeg still crashes.

What is the best/proper mechanism for reporting problems of this sort? I am happy to dig further, but when I found that gst-launch crashed, and realized that was provided by the R19.3 distribution, I stopped looking.


I’m currently debugging similar problems by compiling my own gstreamer. You might want to have a look for the “gstreamer-uninstalled” script which helps with this. The sources for the Nvidia components are available here:

It’s probably in the “Gstjpeg sources” archive. Then you can just gdb the crashing command and maybe see what’s the problem. In theory. :-)

I filed a bug report about the nvjpegdec which I believe is the decoder that eventually gets called in your example. It does not work with a MJPEG stream, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had other issues. I received an email back saying that the decoder had been fixed in the development branch, and will be pushed out in the next LT4 release. I don’t know what the release schedule is, but it should be relatively soon.

BTW, you can file bug reports through the CUDA Registered Developer Program through the members only home page:

Yes, I agree that the problem is probably in nvjpegdec. That is the decoder that gets called in my application, and is extremely likely to be the one called in my example (which crashes the same way as my application).

Thank you for pointing me at the bug report portal. I really didn’t know where to start, so I started with the Forum.


Hi wpd,
There was a similar known issue on R19.3 which was fixed later.
Rel-21 has the fix. You should give it a try.
You can find the new release here:

If you still see the issue, please report back with complete logs so I can help you better.


Wow, that’s great. I’ll try rel-21 on a fresh board when it arrives on Friday. I’m glad I checked this thread this morning.

Would you mind answering a couple of off-topic questions that are somewhat related…

Is there some way I could have gotten an email notification of your update? I clicked on the “Subscribe” button for this thread after waldheinz and Kangalow updated it. But I guess that didn’t do it.

And, on a related note, is there some way I could get on a Linux-Tegra-Announce email list that would notify me when things like rel-21 (or 22, or 23, etc…) are released?

Thanks again. I’ll try it out on Friday.


Having a working email notifications on this thread and a sticky “Announcements” thread would help on that quite a lot.

There something about the email notifications here:

I tried to decode a mjpeg video both with gstreamer 0.10 and 1.0, still nvjpegdec seems to crash. I’m on rel-21

Can you please specify the exact gst-launch/nvgstplayer command with output logs?
I will give it a go at my end too.
I have no idea. Maybe check what kulve suggested.