Problem with installation 7.0-5 for Mac OS via terminal


I am trying to install PGI 7.0-5 on Mac OS via terminal.

Here is the sequense of my actions:

  1. downloaded PGI_Workstation_7[1].0-5.dmg
  2. mounted the image
    $ hdid PGI_Workstation_7[1].0-5.dmg
    /dev/disk1 Apple_partition_scheme
    /dev/disk1s1 Apple_partition_map
    /dev/disk1s2 Apple_HFS /Volumes/PGI Workstation 7.0-5
  3. copy and unarchive /Volumes/PGI\ Workstation\ 7.0-5/PGI\ Workstation.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz
    $ ls
    Archive.pax INSTALL.txt install osx86-64
    Archive.pax.gz common osx86 postinstall
  4. chmod +x install
  5. ./install

Do you accept these terms? [accept,decline]
… got the warning …
cat: /export/users/achaiko/asdf/.parts/osx86-64: No such file
cat: /export/users/achaiko/asdf/.parts/osx86: No such file

Installation directory? [/opt/pgi]

Installing software into /users/compilers/pgi_7.0-5 (this may take some time).

This installation appears to be Portland Group, Inc. pre-release software,
and is covered by the terms and conditions of Beta Test Software License
Agreement, found in the file /users/compilers/pgi_7.0-5/BETA_LICENSE.

Updating files permission for PGDBG.

Do you want the files in the install directory to be read-only? [y,n]

Installation complete.

$ ls -a /users/compilers/pgi_7.0-5/

Don’t see any compiler files in the specified directory.

Do I make something wrong?

Hi Sanik,

With new .dmg, PGI compilers and tools can be installed by an installer. You can just click on the “PGI Workstation” icon to install after it is mounted. It is a convenient way for Mac OS users.

If you choose to do command line, here are commands:

% hdid PGI_Workstation_7.0-5.dmg
% cd “/Volumes/PGI Workstation 7.0-5”
% installer -pkg “PGI Workstation.pkg” -target /
% hdiutil detach PGI_Workstation_7.0-5

Note that you must be root to install.