Problem with Jetson Nano net connection after attempts to switch on r Pi camera

I’m a newcomer in AI trying to enter this field of IT with Jetson nano development kit and Raspberry pi camera v2. I was enrolled in the course” Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano”. And now I need a help.
I ‘ ve successfully passed through first several steps. Problems began with Jupiterlab server. I connected successfully for the thirst time my PC under clear installed official Ubuntu 18.04.2 with that server on Jetson Nano and executed first code cell .
I got correct result (exactly as it described in the guide).
crw-rw - - - - + 1 root video 81 , 0 Jun 14 21:48 / dev/ video0
But when I tried to execute second sell (create the camera object) the process hang and I got an error message like “can’t engage net connection “.
Restarting kernel, daemon, PC, Jetson Nano , changing web server for several times , playing with different options of net protocol
can’t help. And I don’t have any anti viruses and firewalls installed on my PC.
So I need your assistance.

Thank you very much .


The Raspberry Pi V2 camera is a CSI camera. Did you execute the csi_camera.ipynb sample?

Hello,thanks for your reply.
Yes, I executed csi_camera.ipynb

Hi yudovskys,

Have you managed to resolved this issue?
Any result can be shared?