Problem with Jetson TX2 flashing, can't see Jetson using usb connection


I am relatively new for Jetson TX2. I want to flash Jetson using Mac VMware Fusion v11.
(1) I put Jetson in force recovery mode. however, when I do ‘lsusb’, i can’t find ‘Nvidia corp’ (basically can’t see TX2).
(2) The error message is "connection failed, Activation of network connection failed’.
(3) I also tried "ping’, response is ‘Network is unreachable’.

Could someone help me on this? It looks like I can’t see jetson using my usb connection. Thank you very much for your help!

You will need to configure your VM to always pass through the TX2 recovery mode, and then the virtual wired ethernet. I couldn’t tell you how to configure that, but you might ask the VMware support. The manufacturer ID of a recovery mode TX2 is 0x0955 (NVIDIA), and the device ID is 0x7c18 (the TX2). During a flash the USB will disconnect and reconnect multiple times, and so the VM must own that port (the host PC cannot be allowed to intercept the port).

Thank you so much for your reply. I have some follow up questions:
(1) In my VMware set up, should i use NAT or Bridged(autodetect) or Bridged(wifi)?
(2) When flash TX2, do I need TX2 on the internet?
Again, really appreciate your help!!!

I do not know about the specific VMware configurations, but for networking, the VM must have internet access through any method, and the so should the TX2. You should be able to ping from VM to TX2 using whichever address is chosen.

If the TX2 is in recovery mode, then no matter how many times it is disconnected and reconnected, this should be available to the VM without the parent o/s of the host interfering.

When the TX2 is not in recovery mode, and assuming you want to use the virtual wired ethernet over USB, then the virtual USB ethernet must also be given 100% control to the VM. You could skip passing through the virtual wired USB ethernet if and only if you are giving the VM access to the TX2 through the wired ethernet of the TX2 (for example, the VM could have wired access to the same router as the TX2, or the VM could have WiFi talking to the router, and then the TX2 wired directly to the router).

Typically WiFi on the TX2 is not used for anything in the process since it requires extended setup and this is beyond the install software’s capabilities. The USB virtual wired ethernet has a self-contained router, but the regular wired ethernet jack would require an external router.

During flash the host needs access to download a repository list, and the actual content. Once flash completes, the TX2 needs access to the internet to add or update some packages. The Jetson won’t care about the host’s method of accessing the internet. Other than being able to ping and ssh to the Jetson, the VM can use any network method allowing this.