Problem with jetson xavier sd card

Hi there everyone. First time posting here. I have finally setup my jetson xavier and ready for action. The thing is I have a problem with the sd card. Let me tell you what I did first maybe I did something wrong.

I have flashed a BSP image into my jetson xavier and now it leaves me 8 gb of space on the board itself. Installing cuda tensorrt and everything left me with only 200 mb.

Now when I want to install pytorch I am going to get no space error obviously. But when I want to create a virtualenv on the SD card. I get this error.

PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/usr/bin/python3' -> '/media/nvidia/EE14-F38B/venv/bin/python'

So I guess my setup was wrong and I should have flashed the sd card? Or is there anyway I can actually use this virtualenv on the sd card? That would be pretty useful to me right now.


Hello and welcome to the forums! This topic belongs in the Jetson forums, I have moved it over for you.


I think that just means you have to run the command with sudo?

I solved the problem. Nah sudo wasn’t it. My sd card was formatted in windows so it wasn’t actually compatible with the jetson devices.

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