Problem with login without password on Jetson Nano

By first access to Jetson Nano I selected loging without password and now I do not have password when executing docker/ and I cannot change ma password … Is there any help or I need to start from the beginning with software on SD card?

I don’t know about the docker side, but generally speaking, if you lost the password you need to either flash or clone and edit the clone, followed by flashing the clone (you’d essentially be flashing with what you already have, other than the password edits). Basically you need “sudo” to work with passwords, and to use “sudo” you need a password.

It looks it was mistake to set booting first time without password… nowhere was writte that password is mandatory required. I did not find a way to set a password additionally, but formatting micro SD (was also painfull…) and repeading all to get Jetson card image on SD card, but this time wiht password during first boot of Jetson :)