problem with memcpyToSymbol


I’ve a problem with reading from variable which value has been set throught memcpyToSymbol(). In kernel it looks that the value wasn’t copied but when I use memcpyFromSymbol() I get the original value.

anyone has any idea what I’m doing wrong??

I found out that the problem wasnt in memcpyToSymbol but that my kernel wasn’t in the same file as the call of memcpyToSymbol. Can anyone explain me why is that?

In programing guide is written this "device and constant variables are only allowed at file scope. " does this have to do something with my problem? (I have a little problem with english here, not sure what they mean with file scope)

There is no linker in device code, and all symbols (including textures) must be declared in the same file they are used from.

File scope is another way of phrasing my answer above.

Thank you. That was exactly the problem.