Problem with multiple ZED2 cameras crashing using Jetson Xavier


We are trying to run the human detection functionalities provided by
Stereolabs and zed_ros_wrapper using 4 ZED2 cameras and a Jetson
Xavier with Jetpack 4.5.
We have tried connecting the 4 cameras to a PCi board as recommended
by you but we are encountering issues with one or more cameras failing
(after a while) and not being able to start again. These are the main
error messages we get and sometime we get no error messages at all
despite having camera failure:
1)ZED connection → LOW USB BANDWIDTH

I have seen disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cables sometimes
helps to resolve the issue but is not a certain fix.

I suspect this to be a power issue.

I noticed a mismatch between the information on the adaptor that came with Jetson and the information give on the box.
Adaptor info: 19.0V–3.42A
Box info:9V–10A, 20V–4.5A

We are working on the power limits with the 4 ZED2 cameras and I need to verify this information.
Thanks in advance for your help

Does it work with 2 or 3 ZED2 cameras? Seems like the power supply is not efficient for 4 cameras.

On Xavier devkit, there are two type-C ports and one Type-A port. Maybe you can move some cameras to the ports and check if the issue happens.

Thanks so much for your reply.
I works a lot more reliably with three ZED2s. I have used the USB ports. Type A causes a crash very early on and Type C does not help this situation. PCi board seems to be better in this regard.