Problem with OpenCL profiler

I’m having trouble running the OpenCL profiler using the (latest?) 195.17 driver. The profiler was working using 190.29 drivers. It now crashes with a segfault.

Has anybody managed to use it with the latest drivers? Is there an update version of the profiler that I would have overlooked?

Thanks in advance.

I’m using the 195.39 driver with the SDK 3.0 and Visual Profiler 1.1.16. Everything works fine. You can download both when loging in the developper zone.




OS :64bit ubuntu 9.04

linux kernel version2.6.28-18

SDK 2.3 driver version 190.53

OpenCL profiler works fine.

but with SDK 3.0 driver version 195.17

OpenCL profiler crash with segmentation fault.

(cuda profiler works fine with both driver.)