Problem with OV5693 camera reading under TX1 fireware R24.2.1.

1、I am using yavta to capture the camera frame,(using command:yavta /dev/video0 -c1),capture the wrong frame, information is printted as follow:

0 (0) [E] 0 10077696 bytes -274857261712.-274870482 1482332503.492971
Captured 0 frames in 0.018196 seconds (0.000000 fps, 553841283.798637 B/s).

2、Save the frame into file,(command:yavta /dev/video0 -c1 -Fov5693.raw),all data is shown as “0x55” in binary with Winhex tools.
3、Using dmesg check print information,it repeats:

[23592.920077] tegra_mipi_cal 700e3000.mipical: Mipi cal timeout,val:3a81, lanes:400000
[23593.120380] video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0

4、I try to use tegra_io_dpd_disable() to disable dpd mode when sensor is power on.But it doesn’t work.

5、Reference the Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R21.5,it tell me to change settle time value TC_VI_REG_WT(cam, TEGRA_CSI_PHY_CILC_CONTROL0, 0x9);.But I don’t know what the register means and what value is properly


Does this sensor module board was build by yourself? You need to probe the mipi single to make sure the sensor output correct data first.

Hi Big23Tree,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the issue?
Does this sensor module board was built by yourself?