Problem with powering via DC barrel jack


I have a problem with my Jetson Nano Carrier Board. I connect my barrel jack power supply, but jetson doesn’t start. The device powers up fine via uUSB or GPIO header. It is the very first version of the carrier board.

  • J48 is in place
  • TPS25944L VIN is 5.25V
  • TPS25944L VOUT is 0V
  • Enable pin of TPS25944L (DC_EN_UVLO) is at 1.2V
  1. Is it possible that I have a board with a faulty TPS25944L chip? The board worked fine for over a year, but that’s the first time I’m connecting it using the DC jack.
  2. Perhaps the VIN of 5.25 is tripping the over-voltage protection?


Looks power mux IC TPS25944L doesn’t work, Please make sure the surrounding resistor and cap no damage.

All the components around it look as good as new. Does that mean that the TPS25944L is faulty?

It could be TPS25944L faulty if everything else is good.