Problem with RaspberryPi camera (Sony IMX219) with Isaac SDK applications (V4L2)

Please help me to correctly configure the Sony IMX219 RaspberryPi camera in the Isaac SDK environment to test e.g. april_tags application.
According to the nvidia webpage, this camera is compatible with Jetson Nano, so it should also work correctly with Isaac SDK, at least there is no exception mentioned in any nvidia’s descriptions.
I installed successfully the JetPackSDK + additionals from “Getting started with nvidia Jetson Nano” community tutorial + Isaac SDK on PC host.
When running the april_tag application on Jetson Nano there is an error:

2019-11-29 14:22:13.587 PANIC   packages/sensors/V4L2Camera.cpp@157:
[V4L2Camera] Stream parameter request failed with error: <b>Inappropriate ioctl for device.</b>
|                            Isaac application terminated unexpectedly                             |
#01 engine/alice/tools/main(+0x67d80) [0x558d633d80]
#02 engine/alice/tools/main(+0xd4e50) [0x558d6a0e50]
#03 engine/alice/tools/main(+0xd5158) [0x558d6a1158]
#04 [0x7f9d87e6c0]
#05 /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f9d3ce4d8]

Other Isaac SDK applications: argus_camera, ping_ping (not using V4L2 lib) run correctly.
What should be done to successfully configure the right environment for april_tag/Isaac SDK application?
I’d like to avoid buying other cameras and make use of this one, especially as this one is said to be compatible.

The isaac::V4L2Camera has compatibility requirements, most notably the YUYV pixel format.
The variety of parameters are detailed in the component documentation:

For cameras requiring ISP, you may want to use isaac::ArgusCsiCamera, with the component documentation at:

Hello m.kurek, is this still an open issue? Pls let us know.

Hello, I’ve solved the problem by buying another camera, with YUYV pixel format.

Anyway I think the documentation should be updated:

  1. the AprilTags example ( should say that for this application the V4L2 camera must be used.

  2. instead of saying that SONY IMX219 camera is fully compliant with Jetson & Isaac, please inform that this camera is not V4L2 and several Isaacs’ applications will not run at all. This will help other users avoid spending time & money for the camera which is not compatible with the Isaacs’ applications.