Problem with Realsense D455 on Jetson Nano and Isaac SDK 2020.2


when running the RealSense camera sample codelet, which was designed for the similar D435, I get this error:
FAILURE: No device connected, please connect a RealSense device

The SDK is the latest version and on the Nano Jetpack version 4.4.1 is running.
The camera is correct listed as an usb 3.2 device and is usable with the intel realsense-viewer on the jetson nano. I have also tried several older firmware version for the realsene D455, but nothing helped.
Is there a way to get this camera working with isaac? If not, when will it be supported?

Isaac SDK 2020.2 was built with Realsense SDK v2.29.0 which doesn’t support the D455. Realsense support will be refreshed in an upcoming Isaac SDK release but it has not been prioritized for the next one yet.

There is no easy workaround right now, unfortuantely, except to write your own Realsense camera component.