Problem with running jetson_benchmarks from github

Hi. I want to run the the Nvidia deep learning inference benchmarks from Github ( on my Jetson Nano.
i followed the instructions, cloned the repository, installed the Requirements, and downloaded the models.
Now i am struggeling with the part " Running All Benchmark Models at Once on Jetson Nano".

i typed this code in the console:
sudo python3 --all -csv_file_path /home/daniel/jetson_benchmarks/benchmark_csv/tx2-nano-benchmarks.csv \
–model_dir /home/daniel/jetson_benchmarks/models \
–jetson_devkit nano \
–gpu_freq 921600000 --power_mode 0 --precision fp16

And this came up:
usage: [-h] [–csv_file_path CSV_FILE_PATH]
[–model_dir MODEL_DIR] [–model_name MODEL_NAME | --all]
[–jetson_devkit JETSON_DEVKIT] [–power_mode POWER_MODE]
[–precision PRECISION] [–jetson_clocks]
[–gpu_freq GPU_FREQ] [–dla_freq DLA_FREQ] [–plot] error: unrecognized arguments: -csv_file_path /home/daniel/jetson_benchmarks/benchmark_csv/tx2-nano-benchmarks.csv --model_dir /home/daniel/jetson_benchmarks/models --jetson_devkit nano --gpu_freq 921600000

What can I do to run the benchmark successfully?
I hope you can help me.


Please noticed that the argument need to be parsed via -- rather than -.
Could you double check the command again?


It worked. Thank you very much.