Problem with in jetson_35.1

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I had a problem compiling the 5.10 kernel with L4T 35.1.
It seems the problem is with, and maybe with the kernel git repo.
When I run source_sync, I get an error regarding the nvidia directory complaining that the “nvidia directory is not a git repository”.

The problem seems to be in


The line with the Nvidia ethernet driver makes the directory kernel/nvidia. As a result, the line for checking out the linux-nvidia.git repo into kernel/nvidia fails. When I move the ethernet line after the linux-nvidia.git line, the build succeeds.

Hope this helps others out there.

Where can I find the for 35.1?
Does the from 34.1 should work for 35.1 too?

where can I find “clean” to start from scrach?

The I refer to is in the Linux_for_Tegra directory. That directory is the top level of the L4T “Driver Package” also known as “Board Support Package” (BSP) that you can download from the r35.1 release page here: Jetson Linux 35.1 | NVIDIA Developer.

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  1. Another “where” question:
    where is

Edited: found in the manual : is only included in the kernel_src.tbz2 tar file that is part of public_sources.tbz2. If the kernel sources were synced from the Git server, you need to manually copy from the tar file.”

Nvidia Why??? why to put this file in Tar, in another Tar???

  1. btw for thw q “Does the from 34.1 should work for 35.1 too?”
    No, because some repos been added. so the list is not full on 34.1

  2. and for nvidia guys: can you put all files needed for the build on git? so we can track changes made on them. for example the fix that @waldman find