Problem with starting my program automatically after system startup

H/W : Jetson Nano
DeepStream Version : 5.1
JetPack Version : 4.5.1

To automatically start my program after system startup, I added the following command line to the end of the /etc/systemd/ file.

if [ “${INSTALL_DOWNSTREAM_WESTON}” -eq “1” ]; then


/home/my/myappexe -c myconfig.txt <— my nano app
/home/my/myappexe -c /home/my/myconfig.txt

After rebooting, I checked with the ps -al command, but myappexe does not appear.
However, if I run it directly from the terminal, it runs without problems.
someone please help

I followed these guidelines

Please try to add rc.local service:
omxh264enc and nvvidconv NOT working unless... - #22 by DaneLLL

If so, the content in the link below seems to be the same problem as mine.
Does that mean adding the command line to /etc/systemd/ doesn’t work?

The script is for launching L4T services. Certain services may work by adding to the script. But certain services may not work properly. Would suggest try to create your own service launcher.

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