problem with tegra-Ubuntu 3.10.96


I have flashed tegra-ubuntu 3.10.96(ubuntu 14.04 64bit) to my tx1, and I typed “sudo apt-get install firefox” in a terminal to install firefox, but when I open the firefox and a web page, the firefox shut down automatically, I have tried many times, is it the compatibility problem ?

Another problem, I followed the ROS official website tutorial to install ros in tx1, but when I execute to “sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-ros-base”, the output is “E: Unable to locate package ros-indigo-ros-base”. I have installed ros-indigo successfully in tx1 with ubuntu 14.04 32bit(3.10.67) followed this tutorial, but failed changed to 64bit OS, can you solve the problems ?


Firefox don’t work well, use Chromium Browser instead.