problem with the license

hi :)

I downloaded the Workstation Complete PGI compiler for academical purposes mmm about 3 weeks ago i think

I need to build a linux-cluster (I’m actually using fedora core 6) and mi intention is to compile with Fortran 90/HPF the parallel algorithms

My problem is the license file, i mean, i installed sucessfuly the network version of the compiler in one node (pentium III), but when i try to install in other nodes following the same steps of the INSTALL file, i receive an error like “failed to checkout license”

What can i do? I’m working in the network of my university

My trial license is the flex version, is this the right way for my situation? or this type of license is just for single node? I don’t think that because i was able to install the network compiler

and the final question, what can i do for extend the period of my license? obviously i don’t have the money for pay the permanent file, I’m just a student and my project will finish in the middle of July

excuse me for my basic english, I’m from Chile

I wonder if you can help me, thank’s

Hi Karpy,

Sorry but the 15-day trial license is for use with a single node.