Problem with udmabuf imported EGLImages and zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1

I have a problem with importing udmabuf based scanout images into Wayland using zwp_linux-dmabuf_v1 protocol.

The workflow is as follow :

  1. Receive SG-list with resource data
  2. Create udmabuf from received SG-list (UDMABUF_CREATE_LIST)
  3. Create EGLIimage (eglCreateImageKHR, EGL_LINUX_DMA_BUF_EXT)
  4. Import EGLImage using Wayland protocol zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1.

Step 4 fails (invoke "failed " function from zwp_linux_buffer_params_v1_listener) with following klog entry :

[drm:nv_drm_gem_export_nvkms_memory_ioctl [nvidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000400] Failed to lookup NVKMS gem object for export: 0x00000001

Similar approach works fine on f.e. Intel GPU card (mesa3D drivers).