Problem with Unity3D and Nvidia Geforce 690 graphics

Hi all…
I am developing a game with Unity. When I make a compilation I realize that my game only works with a GPU, when I have two (My graphics GeForce 690 is 2GPU’s).

The first thing I thought was that it was a configuration problem in the graphics options. And in the Nvidia Control Panel → 3D Settings → Control 3D settings → Mode multi-GPU rendering, I have looked, and my application made Unity3D does not exist the option of activating the Multi-GPU mode.

I checked with other games such as The Witcher III and Multi_GPU if that option appears.

What is due this?

How can using code (Script from Unity3D) make the application use both GPU’s overload rather than merely a single GPU?

Sorry if this post is not here, but did not know where to put it

Greetings and thanks in advance.

If the Witcher III is not using Unity then you are comparing apples and oranges. Multi-GPU support may be present in the driver but it is up to the game engine or framework that you are using to take advantage of it. Its not as simple as flipping a switch in the driver control panel.