Problem with USB type C enumeration


Having another issue with my carrier board that follows the dev kit design. It seems whenever I plug in a USB type C device the Jetson starts trying to recover from some unknown error. The exact message from the console log is this:

ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Type-C Error Recovery

Doing dmesg -w, I can see that it keeps trying to recover continuously but never does. What does this error pertain too and what exactly is ucsi_ccg 1-0008? I’m not very well versed in firmware. Any help is appreciated!

It seems to be an issue in signal quality. Please do compliance test by referring to

For information, please share your release version( $ head -1 /erc/nv_tegra_release )

Actually it turns out our board manufacturers put down the wrong reel for a certain commonly used resistor, damaging the switcher and PD controller. Getting a board with the correct resistor values fixed our problems.

Now that I’m able to get the USB C circuit powered up and running I’m still having issues with getting any 3.0 device to show up as 3.0. It simply always shows up as 2.1 device at best. Disregarding signal integrity for a minute, I have a few questions:

  1. I noticed in the dev kit design that the USB PD controller’s main power source to VDDD and VDDIO comes directly from the main power input VCC_DCIN which generates the VDD_3V3_PD going to those VDDD and VDDIO pins. On my carrier board design, the 3V3 rail supplying those pins is only turned on after CARRIER_POWER_ON is asserted. Clearly, this implies a timing mismatch between when power is applied to the PD controller between the dev kit and my design which follows the dev kit design very closely with only minor tweaks. Basically, my question is, does not having power applied right at power up to the PD prevent USB 3.0 enumeration?(via the MUX not being configured and such). Is there some negotiation of the speed between the Jetson and the Cypress PD prior to CARRIER_POWER_ON?

  2. I have also noticed communication errors in the dmesg output of the Jetson. It appears the 3.0 root hub driver has trouble communicating to an I2C device with address 0x50. I cannot find any device with that address on the dev kit board. What device is this?

Thanks for the help!