Problem with values being passed

I am trying to write a piece of fortran using modules instead of common variables in order to increase the voulme of data that can be passed between the files,
However when i try to do that ,the fortran programme takes corrupt values for one of the variables from my input file.

subroutine delta_twist(over_cut,contact_cutoff,rep_cutoff,next,nclose,overs,fstar,fact,kb,kt,time,Astar,decatt)
!Use the module blocks

!use fibernumber
use rspsqs
use fric_forces
use rep_forces
use ucm
use ambient
use AandC
use params
use contact1
use contact2
use rateofstrain
use rotation
use equilrot
use constants
use joints
use specbend
implicit none
integer :: kb,kt,over_cut,Astar,decatt,contact_cutoff,fstar,fact,time,rep_cutoff,overs

This file takes this value from here

contact_cutoff = (contact_cutoff + 2.D0)**2 in another file

which in turn takes its value from the input file


We are going to need to recreate your behavior to solve. Can you send
the sources and files needed to recreate your example?

Send them to