Problems Booting Jetson Nano

What Happened: I got a brand new Jetson Nano and plugged it into my friends working set up to ensure it was ok. Everything was the same, including SD card, power supply, etc. It booted and worked fine. I go to my set up, change the power header to be connected, connect this power supply (, ethernet, an HDMI cable connected to a 4k display, and my own 256 GB flashed SD card. After turning power on, the green light on the Jetson comes on for ~2 seconds and then turns off. I went back to my friends setup and had the same problem. By connecting the FC REC I get the green light to stay on but no output to HDMI connected to 1080p display. Please help! This is the second nano I had, with the first one having a similar problem.

Please try to reflash your Jetson Nano via the SDK manager again.

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