Problems compiling Gaussian 09


I am trying to compile Gaussian 09 on my Mac mini, Core i7 running under OS X 10.10.5. When I run the bldg09 command, the make file builds the util.a file but then when it tries to link ml0.o to util.a I get the error message shown below. Any help to solve this problem will be appreciated.


Carlos (

pgf77 -i8 -r8 -mp=nonuma -tp p7-64 -Mreentrant -Mrecursive -Mnosave -Minfo -Mneginfo -time -fast -O2 -Munroll -Mvect=assoc,recog,cachesize:524288 -Wl,-u -Wl,drum -c ml0.f
Timing stats:
Total time 0 millisecs
rm -f ml0.f ml0.c
pgf77 -i8 -r8 -mp=nonuma -tp p7-64 -Mreentrant -Mrecursive -Mnosave -Minfo -Mneginfo -time -fast -O2 -Munroll -Mvect=assoc,recog,cachesize:524288 -Wl,-u -Wl,drum -g -o g09 ml0.o util.a bsd/libf77blas-imac64.a bsd/libatlas-imac64.a -lpthread -lm -lc
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
MAIN”, referenced from:
_main in pgfmain.o
drum”, referenced from:
-u command line option
ld: symbol(s) not found for inferred architecture x86_64
make: *** [g09] Error 2
if ( -e flc ) then

Hi Carlos,

Can you send this question to Gaussian support?

My guess is that this is a configuration issue, but Gaussian support should have more insight.

  • Mat

Will do. Thanks.