Problems compiling on SuSE92


I have updated our build systems to SuSE 92 and now the PGI compiler has problems. See

Any idea when there is a fix?


Hi Johnny,

With some versions of Linux we need to include system specific files (such as float.h) in order to fix some compatability issues. The specific files installed is determined by install script. However, since SuSE9.2 just came out, the installer script does not recognize it and doesn’t know which files to install.

You might be able to work around this by modifing the installation script to get the proper files or copy “limits.h” and “float.h” to your include directory. However, we have not yet validated on SuSE9.2 nor do we yet clain to support for SuSE9.2. For a complete list of supported platforms please refer to