Problems developing with Ansel

Hi, my team and I are currently working on a game in which we want to use Ansel heavily, but we’re having some deep problems.

First, we activated the plugin on our project and whitelisted everything on the Ansel tools. this worked on 2 of our PCs (with updated drivers) but never worked on PCs with 1080Ti graphic cards. After some experiments about whitelisting, it also stopped working on our 2 PCs.

Among the different strategies, we even tried updating the Ansel DLL in our project with a newer one from a project where it works, but still nothing.

We managed to make it work again only on one of our PCs, but to do this we removed the Nvidia drivers, cleared the installation folders, removed all the references to Ansel from the windows register and reinstalled the drivers.

We are using Unreal Engine 4.15 Ansel integration for our game.

I tried contacting Nvidia support directly but there was no answer, can anyone help us?