Problems encountered in executing cudnnFusedOpsExecute()

I was trying out fused op on V100 and got CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM while executing cudnnFusedOpsExecute():

    Execute line: 43 cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM
    Execute line: 43 cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM

According to API reference,this indicates the type of cudnnFusedOps_t in the plan descriptor is unsupported.
However,i checked all my settings and they all met the demand.
I turned on CUDNN_LOGERR_DBG/CUDNN_LOGWARN_DBG/CUDNN_LOGINFO_DBG,but didn’t get any err info.

     CuDNN (v8400) function cudnnFusedOpsExecute() called:
     handle: type=cudnnHandle_t; streamId=(nil) (defaultStream);
     varPack: type=cudnnFusedOpsVariantParamPack_t:
         ops: type=cudnnFusedOps_t; val=CUDNN_FUSED_SCALE_BIAS_ACTIVATION_CONV_BNSTATS (0);
         xData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e4a000000;
         bnEqScale: location=dev; addr=0x7fffd6751a18;
         bnEqBias: location=dev; addr=0x7fffd6751a20;
         wData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c2e800;
         yData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e3c000000;
         ySum: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c36800;
         ySqSum: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c36a00;
         workSpace: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c2dc00;
         workSpaceSizeInBytes: type=size_t; val=3072;
    Time: 2022-09-06T03:44:32.867190 (0d+0h+0m+27s since start)
    Process=277; Thread=277; GPU=0; Handle=0x559d77e33b60; StreamId=(nil) (defaultStream).

    CuDNN (v8400) function cudnnGetErrorString() called:
     status: type=int; val=3;
    Time: 2022-09-06T03:44:32.867207 (0d+0h+0m+27s since start)
    Process=277; Thread=277; GPU=NULL; Handle=NULL; StreamId=NULL.

Now i suspect that the problem comes from one of the inputs but i don’t know which. I’m wondering is there any means by which i can get useful debugging infomation?
Here’s my code:
repro.tar (230 KB)