Problems installing Drivers.

Hello everyone,

i am not sure where to post this topic so i will just do it here ( if there is a specific place for it to be sent to please say so.)

Anyways here is my problem.
I recently got back from a holiday and started up my pc again, for some reason i did not have acces to my D: drive so i formatted the complete HDD and that helped to solve that problem.
then i also noticed my pc had been alot slower then it was before ( i was already wanting to do a full reinstall of windows and full HDD and SSD whipes), so i decided to do that right away.

I formatted my other 2 SSD’s that were in a raid option , deleted the raid on those to fully whipe all files on it and made a new one for them.
I then continued to do a new full original windows 7 install on the 2 SSD’s and go on from there, when that was done it was time for the drivers , i downloaded the drivers for Nvidia and wanted to install these.
The download was done in a few secs as i was used to and started the install , i ticked off the 3D options and ticked the clean install.

I know the full driver install can take up to a few minutes the first time but mine has been hanging around 20% the last 2 hours now and hasn’t continued since .
Is this a well known issue and did i do something wrong or is this caused by a faulty install of something ? (so far the only thing installed is windows 7 full new clean install and the nvidia driver wich is still busy as we speak.)

speccs of my pc are :
Asus rampage 3 extreme
2x Corsair force LS 120GB SSD’s
Western Digital 2tb hdd
6GB Corsair Dominator GT RAM
Intel core i7 960
Seasonic 1000watt Power supply
2x DVD/CD player ( brand i can’t find on the outside i think it was sony )

once again my appoligies if this is posted in a totally wrong place.

best regards,

General display driver questions normally go to the GeForce forums:
This developer forum is more centered around GPU programming questions.

Just in case, after newly installing Windows 7, I would recommend to go through all Windows Update steps including Service Pack 1 before installing other things. (No clue if that would have an effect on the display driver installation though, I have not experienced an issue like this and I switch drivers very often, but also have no SLI setup.)

Since your PC behaved erratic to begin with, maybe consider that something actually broke if the original Windows installation was on the same disks.