Problems of switching on the power of Jetson TX2


At present I have been using the Nvidia Jetson TX2 for learning. Everything goes well these month, but today suddenly have some problems when I press on the power button. So normally after pressing the power button, CR1 should turn green, and there would be also connection instruction when I using the sdkmanager on the host computer. However now the CR6 turns red for a while instead, and then the platform could not be powered on, and there is also no instruction for connection on the host pc. And stange thing is that the core of the platform getting heat so fast. Could anyone helps me to figure out what the problem is? Thanks a lot!!

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I can only speculate, but CR6 should go on, and shows there is at least partial power. The heating and lack of other green LEDs tends to say part of the carrier board is failing, but that is only speculation. The addition of the heating says probably the hardware is failing. Usually a failure would be in the carrier board, but the module would still be good. Is the heating coming from the carrier board, or from the module?

Do you have another carrier board and/or module you can test swapping with? Is this a dev kit or custom carrier? I am guessing you will end up needing to RMA, but if the module can be swapped out with another carrier board, then you could at least clone the content first if it is valuable.


Really appreciate for your reply! The heating is actually from the module I think, which is connected with the fan. And this is a develop kit. I have tried to find some way o initialize the platform, but actually it cannot even be detected by host pc, the problem came just in a sudden. It would be essential to apply for a RMA. Thanks a lot for your help!


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