Problems transferring installation folder to another location

Good afternoon

I have a system I designed which I am installing using the script from the Linux_for_Tegra folder from Jetpack_4.4_Linux_JETSON_NANO_DEVKIT. The flash script works great and I have built many devices using this method.

I need to transfer this folder to another ubuntu system so that we can use multiple computers to flash devices.

I have tried copying the root folder to an external drive using the command:

sudo cp -R -f -v SourceJetpackHardwareImageFolder DestinationJetpackHardwareImageFolder

I then copy the folder using a similar command to a new ubuntu computer.

I am then able to run the script succesfully. The target device resets and loads the ubuntu setup screen. But it fails mid way through the setup, after the ‘configuring hardware’ dialog. I still have keyboard and mouse control, but it seems like the installation process exits prematurely.

I have compared the output of the two flash scripts running on different devices and they seem very similar.

I tried again but instead of using a seperate linux computer i repeated the process on the original computer but from a new folder which I called temp. So I did:

sudo cp -R -f -v SourceJetpackHardwareImageFolder SourceJetpackHardwareImageFolder/temp

Then I ran the script from the SourceJetpackHardwareImageFolder/temp folder - The same problem occurred.

I went back to the original folder and ran again and it runs just fine. So there seems to be an issue with copying the folder to a new location and running the script.

So my question is, should it be possible to transfer these files to another folder and still run the flash script successfully?

I will attach the two flash script console outputs from the attempt with a new folder on the same machine.

hello SideWheelie,

there’s massflashing tool generates massflash blob in trusted environment, you could deliver the blob to other host for image flashing.
please check developer guide, Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices for reference,

Thank you for the advice. The mass flash script looks to be just what I needed. Much appreciated.

Have a great day.